What to leave out


In 5th grade, my history teacher believed the best way to teach was to overwhelm us with facts. We learned everything there is to know about the Gods, the philosophers, important dates, events and encountered more details than a University Student would ever hear about. Two things were accomplished in that year: My short-term memory retained hundreds of pieces of ancient Greek history and forgot them once I aced the test. And, I never wanted to hear about ancient Greece ever again.

A new teacher joined for 6th grade, taught us Roman history and had a different philosophy: He painted a vivid image of life in the Roman empire, piqued our interest enough to find out more information.

And that’s the secret of marketing messaging: We should never tell the customer all the information at once. Marketing is about making them curious to learn more. And that requires a disciplined approach on what part of the story to tell and what part of the story to leave out.

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