Why summer never has to end


Summer officially ends September 23.

According to my social feed, it ended last week, today, maybe tomorrow. Summer seems to end for people when the summer vacation is over, when children go back to school, when they experience a rainy day.

There’s more to it. We all crave summer because it’s an unique opportunity to step back, to relax, to just be for a while. And to be less connected, enjoy the sunset in front of us instead of the sunset on the Instagram feed. To connect with your real family and friends and not the virtual connections. Time to breathe, experience and be yourself.

Summer ending means for many going back to the grind. When people say “Summer is over” it feels like they wish it would never end.

In reality, it’s a choice you make. There’s always the opportunity to step back, to be less connected to the daily race, news and craziness, and to find real connections. And, while the world keeps moving forward to find this little window of time, energy and opportunity to explore what might be possible. Stepping back gives you an opportunity to create something worthwhile. Summer is an attitude. And there’s no reason why it should end.


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